fat girl friday

Fat Girl Friday Link Roundup: August 10, 2018

Fat Girl Friday

Over on HelloGiggles, my friend Jandra discusses her decision to stop dieting before her honeymoon and why it was the healthiest choice she could have made
Jandra is the best, ya’ll. So, just go read this and go follow her and have her awesomeness in your life all the time like I do.

Ravishly talks about why we need to talk about body image with our kids early and often
I really do wonder what my relationship with my food and my body would be like now if these conversations had happened in my family when I was a kid.

Broadly discusses Hollywood’s depressing history of putting thin women in fat suits
Oh Fat Monica. You know, when I originally watched Friends back in the ’90s, I never saw Fat Monica as a big deal. But then I rewatched the show a few years ago when it was available on Netflix and holy hell was that show fatphobic.

Bust has information on the body-positive swim campaign that wants to celebrate cellulite

Refinery29 asks if fashion’s body diversity movement will ever go global
GET WITH IT, EUROPE. Also, can we talk about how awesome Christian Siriano is? I’ve been a fan of his since his Project Runway days and he’s always been all about body diversity. If I ever have a need for a couture gown (what? It could happen), I’m going CS all the way.

If you’re a fan of romance author Kristan Higgins, Smart Bitches Trashy Books review of her latest book may make you reconsider reading Good Luck With That
My job allows me to preview and read books through our internal system and while I didn’t doubt any of Sarah’s comments in her review, I also wanted to try and give the book a fair shake on my own. I made it eight pages. EIGHT PAGES. Page eight is where the author dropped the phrase “elephantine thigh” to describe a character who, relatively speaking, not that much heavier than me. I also have large thighs. I AM NOT A FUCKING ELEPHANT, KRISTAN HIGGINS. That said, elephants are gorgeous, intelligent, majestic beasts capable of stomping you out with a single step. Do not mess with those fuckers; they are not there for your cheap use to describe fatness.


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