fat girl friday

Fat Girl Friday Link Roundup: August 17, 2018

Fat Girl Friday

Over on SELF, Louise Green offers up 5 essential tips for finding the right plus-size bra
Whenever I do author events and people ask me what my main tip is for new runners, I mention that while getting the right pair of shoes is important, for those that need it, getting the right sports bra is equally important.

On HelloGiggles, Christian Siriano shares his advice for wearing clothes you’ve been told are “unflattering”
See, last week I told you that Christian Siriano is best and he proves it right here.

Broadly has a piece on how to find a fat-positive doctor who won’t just tell you to lose weight
As someone who just a few weeks ago butted heads with her doctor regarding this exact issue, I appreciate hearing the experience of another person. I have yet to find a new doctor, mostly because I haven’t yet needed one since my last appointment, but I do absolutely have a crowd-sourced list of fat friendly doctors in the area.

BUST shares the story of the first trans nominee for Governor
Remember what I said on Monday: being body positive isn’t just about me and my body; it also is about promoting and amplifying the voices of all marginalized bodies. That includes the bodies of trans men and women and this story warms my heart.

Along with that, let’s talk about how awesome this reimagining of a black Hermione is
Note: that’s not a photograph.

In Women’s Health, OITNB star Dascha Polanco talks about body positivity and loving her curves
Dascha’s character Dayanara didn’t make my list of pop culture body model role models, but I love her character on the show all the same and love her attitude in this article.


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