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Diet Culture and Dress Success

With less than two weeks(!) until BC and I get married, we are definitely in that final push of wedding mode. Over the weekend we picked up our rings and met up with both parental units to figure out the seating chart for the reception (thanks to my sister for helping me over the phone figure out the cousins!).

Today we have our final walk through at the venue and a few more things to check off the ol’ To Do list but wedding week will be here soon and omg.


Yesterday I dropped my dress off at David’s Bridal for a last steaming to make it all pretty and floofy for the big day. Because I had my alternations done so far in advance, the dress has spent the past six months hanging out in a garment bag in a closet, so back in February the alterations department suggested I bring it back closer to the wedding for a final steam.

When I dropped it off, I also requested to try it on first just to make sure everything was still okay. Dress stress and all. Not only did the dress and strapless bra still fit just fine, but I still absolutely love the dress and 100% made the right choice. It’s not at all what I would have ever guessed would be the dress I’d end up picking, but it’s perfect and I can’t wait to show y’all pictures after the wedding!

I feel as if I am not able to fully articulate why it is so important for the dress to still fit. Beyond, y’know, having something to wear on my wedding day.

This was my first real test of sorts, as an intuitive eater. It’s not even a test about my ability to eat intuitively — I know how to do that; I’ve been doing it for over two years. This was more a test about how much faith I have in myself. As someone with a long history of disordered eating and treating food as the enemy, intuitive eating is scary as fuck. Intuitive eating requires listening to my body, something I ignored for the better part of two decades.

Part of my dress stress of the past few weeks is that I am unable to try the dress on to check that it still fits. Instead, I’ve had to trust myself and trust my body and listen to it and trust that it won’t steer me wrong.

It didn’t.

I bought my dress almost a year ago. While many brides feel the need to lose weight before their wedding, I continued to ignore the pressure of diet culture. I trusted my body. I trusted that it would tell me when I was hungry and I trusted myself to listen and follow through. I maintained the same level of activity and eating, I didn’t cut out food groups or change any of my dietary habits.

I trusted my body. I listened to my body. And the dress still fits and looks fabulous.

Dress stress has been replaced with dress success. And it is the best goddamn feeling in the entire world.


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