fat girl friday

Fat Girl Friday Link Roundup, August 24, 2018


Fat Girl FridayHelloGiggles offers tips on dealing with the misery that is boob sweat
I most definitely use antiperspirant and deodorant in the cleavage area.

I remember being in New York City once well over a decade ago with my family and needing to seek out one of the retail locations that had plus size options. I bought this amazing corduroy skirt that I still kind of miss even to this day. While this is a step forward, they are only offering the plus options in 75 retail locations and none of them are near me. Womp womp.

Ravishly tackles the topic of having a fat kid and what you should (or should not do).
Honestly? This list is great for adults, too, who want to break free from diet culture.

Publisher’s Weekly Rights Reports includes an announcement about The F Word, “an anthology of personal essays, prose, poetry, fashion tips, and art edited by Angie Manfredi. The collection features contributors who identify as fat.”
Y’all. Y’ALL. I follow Angie on Twitter, she is amazing, as are the other people I follow who are also included in this anthology. I also believe this is a Young Adult Anthology, which is just incredible.

Over on Refinery29, Roxane Gay reviews Insatiable
I still refuse to watch this show and reviews like Roxane’s remind me a) why I still refuse to watch and b) why I love Roxane’s writing so much.

Jezebel has an incredibly well-written longform piece on Peggy Claude-Pierre, the eating disorder healer who promised everything
Trigger warning on talk related to food, diets, eating disorders. That said, this was a really engrossing read.


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