Fat Girl Friday Link Roundup: October 4, 2018

Fat Girl Friday

From BUST: Why Intermittent Fasting Glamorizes Disordered Eating
Ah, IF. In my mind, I’m mentally working on a memoir related to my history with food and diet culture and I do have a chapter dedicated to Intermittent Fasting. More than once, I was so fucking proud of myself for going 24 hours without food. TWENTY. FOUR. HOURS. It became a game: how long can I go without food? Looking back, it’s so fucked up.

Bustle has information on the new Disney Villains housewares collection
Honestly, I’m mostly just pissed off that some of the Ursula pieces use the thin Barbie version of Ursula. Seriously, Disney? I blogged about this over five years ago and it still makes me angry.

On Ravishly, Virgie Tovar discusses how photos of her double chin helped her stop taking high angle selfies
Real talk: there is one wedding photo I haaaaaate because it’s like LOOK AT MY DOUBLE CHIN. But that’s mostly because it’s just an awkward angle and awkward photo. This fat bride is actually really, really happy with the photos from our wedding day, double chin and fat arms and all.

From The Body is Not Apology: When I broke up with my diet
I relate to this so much, specifically the loss of the dream of being thin. I still sometimes struggle with it, if I’m being perfectly honest, although those thoughts usually just come on those days when I’m feeling insecure or having a bad body image day.

From Revishly, Tess Holliday once fired a team member who told her she couldn’t do high-fashion

1 thought on “Fat Girl Friday Link Roundup: October 4, 2018”

  1. Yet another thought-provoking blog. The fasting thing is interesting. I grew up Catholic in a very religious household with some religious food restrictions (ie no meat on Fridays year round), and fasting is definitely glamorized on some level in a lot of religious circles. I look on the IF thing with great skepticism and have not been tempted to try it, but when I hear about people fasting for some cause, I feel weak and think to myself, I should really fast periodically – which in the abstract seems foolish. I’m reading a book about the 1981 hunger strikes in Ireland in which 10 strikers starved themselves to DEATH. Seems very weird to glamorize fasting after reading about that.

    I do want to point out that double chins are not exclusive to fat people. It’s one of those traits that a substantial minority of thin people possess, but you never see them in movies and whatnot unless they’re portraying a low-grade villain (never the likable, clever villain). Having a double chin is as much about your bone structure and age as how much you weigh. I see diversity added to movies in terms of more variety in fat / thin characters, but everyone, women at least, regardless of weight, is still of the big-eyed, well-proportioned, symmetric-faced, high cheekboned, etc., variety.


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