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Race Recap: 2018 Christmas Story 5K

Readers of my book and longtime readers of this blog know that the Christmas Story Run is my favorite race in Cleveland. In fact, after finishing the 5K last year, I signed up for the 2018 race as soon as registration opened a couple of days later.

christmas story 1

Race recaps for 2013, 2015, and 2017. I skipped 2014 because I didn’t like the medal (which, upon reflection, was the dumbest reason ever) and 2016 I missed because of my broken ankle.

In anticipation for the race, I even set up a whole training plan leading up to it but then there was that whole wedding thing and mom dying thing and, well, training sort of fell to the wayside and I make zero apologies for that. If nothing else, I knew I could walk it and so that was my plan and I spent all week looking forward to it.

BUT THEN ON FRIDAY I was sitting at my desk at work and started to feel just awful. Lightheaded and nauseated and feverish. Like, what the fuck. Just came out of nowhere and all I could think about was that I had the race tomorrow and now I had the fucking flu or some shit and I was going to have to miss it. I went home a couple hours early and went right to bed and luckily slept off whatever the fuck that was, because I was fine within a few hours. So I have no clue.

Fat Girl Friday copy

This was my second running the 5K and I honestly love it more than the 10K, just because the 5K ends right at the Christmas Story House. As a lifelong fan of the film, there’s really something magical about turning at the corner at the end of the street and seeing the house right there and the neighborhood is just filled with people and other fans and a million pink bunnies.

This year’s theme was the Bumpuses, those dogs next door that take Christmas dinner. They even allowed dogs on the course this year, which was fun as often the dogs had their own costumes along with their owners.


And then the day got even better because December 1st was also Brewnuts Christmas Story Day, which meant they had themed donuts and of course we had to go get some.

Clockwise starting in bottom left: Ovaltine Frycake, “Show mommy how the piggies eat” buttercream bullseye donut, “Ohhhh Fudddddge” frosted donut, and, of course, a Bar of Soap cream filled donut. 

Let me tell you, that Ovaltine donut was so good.

So there you go – this year’s recap of the annual Christmas Story Run. Seriously, if you’re a fan of the film or just want a fun Christmas themed race, I highly recommend it, especially if you’re within close distance to Cleveland. I have a feeling that I’ll be registering for 2019 as soon as it opens.




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