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10 Things To Do in January Instead of Starting a New Diet

Ah, New Year’s Eve. That time when many start looking ahead to the next 365 days and begin setting resolutions, often with weight loss being the ultimate goal.

I’m not at that place anymore and haven’t been for awhile, but I fully support body autonomy so you do you. But, if your goals for the coming year extend beyond dieting, here are some ideas for things you can do starting tomorrow that have nothing to do with weight loss

Fat Girl Friday copy

Unfollow social media accounts that promote diet culture and start following social media accounts that promote body positivity and fat positivity

This is always my first suggestion for someone looking to ditch diet culture. Part of diet culture is built on the belief that fat bodies are bad. The only way we can unlearn that is by looking at lots and lots of fat bodies. So fill that feed up!

Work on personal and professional goals that have nothing to do with weight loss

What does success look like to you? What can you work towards in 2019 that has nothing to do with weight loss? Promotion at work? Personal project?

Read books by fat activists

Some of my favorites:

Landwhale by Jes Baker

You Have the Right to Remain Fat by Virgie Tovar

The Body is Not an Apology by Sondra Renee Taylor

Hunger by Roxane Gay

Shrill by Lindy West

Every Body Yoga by Jessamyn Stanley

Start a new hobby

Paint. Write. Bake. Read. (Or read more.) Learn an instrument. Take up knitting. Learn how to code. Sky’s the limit on this one.

Play not punishment

Strive to be active because you enjoy it, not because it will help you burn calories. Try out different fitness classes and studios. Find what is fun for you, because the more you enjoy an activity — actually, legitimately and sincerely enjoy an activity — the more likely you will be to stick with it.

Fitness can be one of your personal goals, too. Remember: I said pick personal goals that have nothing to do with weight loss, but I didn’t say anything about strength or fitness level. Yoga is a wonderful example of this, because I am always working on going deeper into various poses. Or with spinning and being able to pedal faster or doing standing sprints for longer.

Go shopping and buy clothes that fit, regardless of what the tag says

I know what it means to get hung up on the number on the label but, really, they mean nothing. Especially if you wear clothes designed for women because every brand and store has their own sizing system. So just let it go. Stop reading labels, stop buying based on size and start buying based on fit. Buy what fits and feels comfortable and makes you look fabulous and fuck the rest of it.

Make a self care list 


This is one of my favorite pages in my Bullet Journal. Sometimes, when I’m in the middle of things, it can be hard to remember what self care looks like. So I keep a list with me that I can look at whenever I need it

Find new recipes to try

My vast collection of cookbooks has been built up over the past decade based entirely on this idea. I love trying new recipes and it’s a great way to challenge myself to try new foods or different foods or new cooking techniques. (Y’all. I made bacon wrapped filets in my air fryer a couple weeks ago and they came out perfect. PERFECT I TELL YOU.)

Throw out your scale

I have no idea what I weigh. I mean, I can probably guess but the actual number? No clue. Haven’t stepped on my scale in weeks. Not to say I haven’t been weighed — my psychiatrist’s office weighs me as that is a data point they keep track of for side effects so I know what I weighed a few weeks ago and I have another appointment with him in a couple weeks, but I have not actively weighed myself in quite awhile. The scale, see, stresses me out and I realized that as much as I wanted to believe that the number wasn’t affecting me, it was. Whenever I’d step on that scale and see that number — whatever it was — I found myself listening less to my body and more to diet culture. So I stopped using that as a tool and focused entirely on trusting my body. This is still new to me, but I’m always pleasantly surprised when I do get weighed and the number has barely shifted. Trusting my body actually does work.

Take my Binderful class on breaking free from diet culture bullshit

Shameless self promotion, sure, but if you want to free yourself from the toxic belief system that is diet culture but aren’t sure how, my Binderful class is here to help. 7 emails, 7 days, and tons of tools to put in your toolbox to help you fight diet culture in 2019!


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