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5 Reasons Why I Love Tieks & You Will Too

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links

If you follow me on Instagram (and, duh, you totally should) you know that I wear a lot of Tieks. Like, a lot of Tieks. I mean, unless it’s winter and I’m forced to wear boots because of the snow, I’m wearing Tieks. And, honestly, even then, there are days where I wear the boots to work and then change into Tieks when I get here.

Whenever I post, I always get asked if they are worth the price and if they are comfortable. I own multiple pairs, which should tell you something, but I also decided to go a little more in depth about them by sharing 5 reasons why I love Tieks and you will, too.

1. They are an investment

I totally get it, trust me. I balked at the $175+ price tag, too. But if you’re like me, something like a basic black ballet flat is a staple item. But if you are also like me, you previously always bought those basic ballet flats at discount shoe stores for $20, which means you had to keep buying them because the shoes would just eventually wear out.

With Tieks, I like to think of that price as an investment because after buying my first pair — Matte Black — I’m pretty much set in the black ballet flat department for years. No need to keep rebuying!

2. They are supportive and comfortable

Before I bought my first pair, I asked a friend who I knew already owned some if they were worth the price. She told me that she wore them all around Disney World without any issues. I can confirm this: while I haven’t walked around an amusement park, I have worn them for 12+ hour days at trade shows for work. This means being on my feet, walking and standing around the convention hall floor plus walking around whatever city we are in for dinner and such. After ALA Midwinter back in January, BC flew out and we spent a few extra days out there and walked miles around that city and I did it all in my Tieks.

Tieks are made from 100% premium Italian leather and are made to stretch and mold to your feet. Not only are they comfortable right out of the box, but I find they actually get more comfortable the more I wear them because wearing them often gives the shoes a chance to learn the shape of my foot. These aren’t one size fits all shoes, but shoes that specifically will fit your feet.

Don’t like wearing leather? They have vegan options, too!

3. They put a lot of love and care in the packaging

Think you’re just going to get a box with some shoes in them? Think again: every pair of Tieks arrives with a blue box, a black bag you can fold the shoes into for storage or travel, a reusable blue tote bag that also folds up, an artificial flower, and a handwritten note from Tieks staff. I mean. Hello. (I haven’t done it yet, but I have heard that if you include comments with your purchase they’ll even write you a special note, like if they are a present for someone else.)

Some of the shoes even come with fancy flowers, like the patents and Drago. The latter comes with a black flower with a silver dragon in the middle. (Surprisingly, this Game of Thrones fan hasn’t purchased a pair yet!) They also occasionally do special edition flowers around holidays, like Halloween and Mother’s Day. Among Tieks fans, the flowers are just as collectible as the shoes!

4. They can be dressed up or dressed down

When I got married back in September, my pair of Moonstrucks were my something blue. The glittery blue was the perfect companion to my wedding dress, but these days they look equally cute when dressed down with jeans at work or on the weekend.

All of the pairs I own perfectly transition from day to night, which is just one more reason to love Tieks because it doubles all of the opportunities to wear them. Given the price, I do have a personal rule that I have to be able to wear each pair with multiple options so knowing they can fit in at my casual dress code office and also are perfect for date night is hard to beat.

5. They have so many options to choose from

I’ll be honest, this is my favorite part. Between patterns, patents, classic leather and more, there are so many fantastic stylish options.

Soon after that first pair I purchased Sapphire and Leopard Print. In the fall I put myself on the wait list for Heritage Plaid and purchased them as soon as they were available again. On New Year’s Eve I purposely kept myself awake until midnight so I could get a chance at the limited edition Champagne (and got them!).

When I first started buying, one color I never ever imagined purchasing was Mustard. I mean, seriously. What would I do with yellow shoes? Then one day I was getting dressed and realized how many things in my closet would go with Mustard — because that’s my rule, right? I have to have multiple opportunities to wear them. So, then I bought Mustard and, true story, they are probably my most often worn pair! Recently I added Lilac to my collection (although, even though I just bought a purple pair I would love Tieks forever if they put out an Amethyst purple patent. JUST SAYING, TIEKS, IF YOU ARE READING THIS. KTHNX).


I fully understand that I am speaking from a place of financial privilege here because I have the freedom and resources to put away money each month in my Tieks Fund and buy them on a regular basis.

But I get asked about them frequently and I have to say, if you are even just thinking about buying them I highly, high recommend going ahead and pushing the purchase button. And while I hope you end up loving them as much as I do, if nothing else know that Tieks is well-known for having a generous return policy (but don’t worry, you won’t need it!)

2 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why I Love Tieks & You Will Too”

  1. I’ve always been curious about Tieks but don’t like the way I look in round-toed shoes, so I’ve shied away from them, even though I love all their options & colors & finishes. I just invested in a pair of pointed Rothys, though, & have found my newest shoe obsession, so I totally feel you on the brand-loyal shoe love!


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