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Surviving Summer with Thick Thighs

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Ah, summer. Believe it or not, I used to wear pants all summer long (I know, right?). Truth is, I just hadn’t figured out how to wear skirts or dresses without getting any thigh chafing. It wasn’t something that was talked about in any of my circles so I avoided it all together by wearing pants. Eventually, as an adult, I moved on to leggings or, even worse, Spanx but some days it’s just too fucking hot outside and you want to wear a goddamn skirt or dress without adding an extra layer.

In recent years I’ve thankfully learned there are plenty of other options out there that let you wear skirts and dresses without worrying about thigh chafing. And the truth is, the majority of the skirt/dress wearing population needs some kind of buffer between their thighs, so today I wanted to share some of my favorites:

Biker shorts

Re/Dress here in Cleveland used to sell these fantastic biker shorts in the summer specifically to wear under skirts and dresses but I haven’t seen them offered in awhile which is why I am glad I got my pair when I did. That said, biker shorts of any kind will work. To be honest, it still sometimes feels super weird to me to wear a skirt and not have anything on underneath. Like I feel all naked. This is especially true with more flowy skirts, so the biker shorts are perfect on those days.


Y’all know I love me my Bandelettes. I love them so much I wrote an entire blog post about them last year and how they were a big part of my wedding day.

As much as I love my biker shorts, sometimes they just aren’t the right option for a particular outfit. Maybe the dress is a little short or the shorts add a bit too much bulk or, as is the case with my wedding dress, the outfit would be just too damn hot with an additional layer under there. That’s where Bandelettes come in.

Anti-Chafing Balm

Long distance runners frequently use anti-chafing balm to reduce the risk of chafing — on any part of their body — during runs. The same logic behind that applies to your thighs as well. There are plenty to choose from, but my favorite is always Gold Bond Friction Defense.


No anti-chafing balm? Deoderant will work in a pinch.

Coconut Oil

This was a new one to me, but Amy Spaulding mentioned it on Twitter and I figured “Why the hell not?” I have a jar of coconut oil that’s just kind of taking up space in our pantry (mostly because I legit forgot it was in there until last week and you know that shit lasts forever) so sure. I mean, I obviously have a lot of options in this regard but I’m always willing to give a new idea a try.

It worked way better than I expected because I was, admittedly, a little skeptical. Not only did it allow me to wear my skirt without anything else, but it made my thighs all nice and soft and smooth and smell like coconut!

What’s your favorite way of avoiding the dreaded summer thigh chafing?

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