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AllGo Releases Free Stock Photo Library Featuring Plus-Size Models



I don’t know how many of you use stock photos but I do fairly frequently. Both professionally — I run our company blog and do all the graphic work — but also personally. I use images for this blog and also for all of my Medium essays, too.

One of the challenges that comes with stock photos is the lack of plus size people. Take my recent post about Surviving Summer with Thick Thighs. Do you know how much I wanted to use a photo of a fat person for the header image? And do you know how much trouble I had finding even just one photo of someone with legs that maaaaaaybe looked like they needed some help in the thigh chafing department?

My difficulty in finding appropriate images isn’t just my imagination, as only 2 percent of women shown in media images are plus size. This is despite the fact that 67 percent of women in the United States are considered plus size (wearing a size 14 or above).

Imagine being a fat-positive blogger and not being able to find images that fit your core message. I should also note I rely entirely on free creative commons photosites, like unsplash. It’s not like I’m trying to find paid photos on Getty or BigStock or something. But even among photographers on those sites, finding photos with fat people is really, really difficult.

So when I got word that AllGo, the leading review app for rating the comfort and accessibility of public spaces for plus-size people, was launching a library offering plus-size stock photos featuring plus-size models I was SO EXCITED.

giphy (1)
(My reaction when the press release showed up in my inbox last night)

According to AllGo founder Rebecca Alexander, she “was sick of looking at pictures of plus-size women staring at hamburgers.” (I mean, aren’t we all?)

The library launched today and looking through the images, I kind of want to cry.

Michael Poley of Poley Creative
Michael Poley of Poley Creative
Michael Poley of Poley Creative
Michael Poley of Poley Creative

It shouldn’t be so groundbreaking to see fat people just, y’know, living their lives but this is the world we live in.

As if the photos aren’t incredible enough, AllGo is making these photos available for free and for all uses. According to the press release, “by depicting mundane activities such as making a salad or reading a book using plus-size models, the creators intend for images to be used by a wide variety of content creators—not just those addressing plus-size issues.”

Michael Poley of Poley Creative

LOOK! A FAT PERSON USING A TABLET. (I am 100% using this on the blog at work as soon as I can.)

AllGo has plans to create additional stock photography collections in the future. To model in or sponsor future shoots, email

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