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Race Recap: Donut Worry, Run Happy 5K

Yeah so remember that time about two months ago where I mentioned I had signed up for a 5K and that I was going to use this as an opportunity to get back into running?

I swear I had every wonderful intention of doing my training like a good little runner but I failed spectacularly. Turns out I liked the idea of training far more than, well, actual training.

But it’s okay! It’s okay to fail, spectacularly or not, and I gave myself permission to fail when it came to this, knowing that come race day I could just walk the 3.1 miles.

It’s one reason I love novelty races so much. Whether it’s movie-themed like the Christmas Story Run or Shawshank Hustle, or even sports-themed like the Bernie Shuffle. The thing that’s great about novelty races is that a lot of the time, people who aren’t runners sign up because they love the thing, whatever it is. In this case, it was Brewnuts, a local doughnut shop here in Cleveland. Anyone who knows me knows that I fucking love Brewnuts. I have been a fan since before they were a thing when Shelley and I went to the same spin studio and one day there were surprise mini doughnuts that she and her then-boyfriend were making and selling out of their apartment kitchen.

I love Brewnuts. So a race that included a donut finisher’s medal and a free donut from my favorite donut place? Uh, yeah. Sign me up.

Not shown: the donut I also got because I ate it lol

For a lot of people, I think that was the hook, which meant it brought out a lot of people who don’t love running but they do love doughnuts.

Basically what I’m trying to say is there were a lot of walkers at this race, which worked out just fine for me because it meant I wasn’t totally on my own for miles.

The course itself was fantastic, as most of it was on a walking / bike path that has sprouted up within the past couple of years and is really well-maintained. It’s also, like, two blocks from my old apartment which kind of kills me. WHERE WERE YOU THREE YEARS AGO WHEN I COULD HAVE USED YOU ALL THE TIME? Seriously. Major jealousy here. I lived in that neighborhood for 7 years and of course, it only started to get cool after I left.

Right so, the whole running thing didn’t quite work out as planned, but I walked and had a delightful time and saw some friends and had a doughnut and it was a really great Sunday.

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