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Eat, Sleep, Ride, Repeat

Oh, hello friends! It has been …. *checks watch* …. six months since I last posted.


Wow. Okay. WELL THEN.

Obviously, things have been a little weird in the world lately. You know, what with, well. *gestures vaguely* I’ve been working from home since March 16, and will still be working from home for another month at least. (Honestly, I’m hoping for more. Not just for health and safety reasons, but because I’ve adapted really well to working from home. So, like, if I could just keep doing this forever that would be great.)

BC and I live in a pretty compact and dense city, so we don’t get outside as much as some of my friends and family who live in the suburbs and have big yards and fairly empty streets. On days like today, when it’s really nice out, there are a million people out on the sidewalks and neither of us feel comfortable being among so many people. As it is, I only leave the house once a week to go to the grocery store.

This means we’ve had to find other ways to stay active. He bought a disc golf basket he uses in our (small) front yard. Me?


A few months ago, right around the time Ohio went under its Stay at Home order, my old spin studio Harness put up some of their old bikes for sale. I debated buying one but by the time I decided I did want one, they were sold out. Womp womp.

My husband has a FitDesk bike (like a standing desk, but it’s a bike) and with the Peloton app I can get some rides in — just as long as I pick ones where I don’t have to get out of the saddle. But THEN Harness once again put up bikes for sale and this time I absolutely did buy one (Thanks Stimulus Check!). It arrives next weekend and I AM SO EXCITED OMG.

A spin bike was always one of those things I thought about buying, but was never sure I’d actually use. Not when I had used to live super close to a spin studio and then we joined the YMCA where spin classes are included. But now, I can’t do either and the price was right so yay! Spin bike!

This is also the benefit to working from home, because it’s really easy to fit a workout in. Just the other day, I logged off my computer at the end of the day, put my shoes on, and was enjoying a spin class five minutes later.

I also really love the Peloton app — and their 90 day free trial special happening now — and didn’t realize how many different class types they offer. Like, it’s not just spinning; they have yoga and running and walking and all sorts of things on there. My bike does come with a year of Harness virtual classes, too, so I should be all set.

Also, be my Peloton friend! I’m there under Jill_Grun with my little superhero mascot as NB my photo.

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