Pedal to the Peloton metal

Earlier this week I received notification from Peloton that my free trial was coming to an end. I decided to go ahead and officially sign up as a digital app user with my used spin bike, and this seemed like the perfect type to update y’all on my experience. (I was lucky and managed to get in on the 90 day free trial at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.)

I will confess right up front that in the past I have struggled to find a home workout routine that I can stick with. I have signed up for countless free trials across multiple apps and sites (and inevitably have forgotten to cancel a few of them before the trial ended. Because of course.) But Peloton? I’m consistently working out multiple times a week which makes me think THIS is something I can stick with and I honestly think that it’s the cycling element of it that makes the difference.

Longtime readers know I love spinning. I LOVE SPINNING. Seven years ago I took my very first spin class and I was hooked after that. I bought the shoes and even got certified as a teacher (not that I’ve actually done anything with that other than building my own spin classes for personal use — though, I won’t lie: I’ve considered trying to figure out a way to teach virtually during all of this).

While my relationship with running can best be described as its complicated, I’ve never wavered from my love of spinning — any lack of it in my life mostly has to do with schedules not matching up with whatever was available at local studios or the YMCA.

Which is why I bought a used spin bike back in May. Since then I’ve been using the Peloton app (using this handy stand to mount it to my bike). I love that it’s super easy to find the right class for me. The library of on-demand content is gigantic and has such a wide mix of instructors and music and difficulty levels. Whether it’s a quick 15 – 20 minute class on my lunch break or a longer ride on the weekend, I can always find what I need when I need it. And now that the instructors are back in the studio there are constantly new classes to check out. A couple times a week I hop onto the app and just go through and bookmark all the ones I eventually want to take.

Favorite instructors: Jess King (she reminds me of my favorite instructor from my old studio), Emma Lovewell, Cody Rigsby, Ally Love, and Olivia Amato.

Favorite spin classes: I love themed classes, whether it’s Ally’s Whitney Houston or Cody’s Britney Spears class, or something like Emma’s recent Disney rides. Climb rides are also always a favorite. Just like with running, my legs don’t move super fast on a spin bike but you have me crank that resistance up and I’m in my happy zone.

Favorite other classes: Along with the spin classes, I’ve also been taking advantage of the other classes available in the Peloton app like the yoga, meditation and outdoor walking classes that will track your GPS.

Favorite feature: Honestly? The badges. LOL

Friends who have the actual Peloton bikes keep telling me it’s only a matter of time before I buy one but eh. First, I’m riding on demand 99% of the time so the leaderboard doesn’t mean that much to me. Second, I know from years of experience that I cannot match the cadence of some of the instructors. My bike doesn’t come with any kind display, I ride based on feel and I don’t need numbers to tell me that I can’t keep up. Third, on that subject, after years of overanalyzing numbers of all kinds, be it running pace or calories or Weight Watchers points, me and numbers don’t really go so well together, so I’ll be sticking with my not-fancy but still very effective used bike.

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