About Me

Hello! I’m Jill, the author, blogger, podcaster, and body loving babe behind The Year of the Phoenix! A Northeast Ohio native, I grew up with my parents and sister in the suburbs in a town I lovingly refer to as Stars Hollow. Currently I live in Cleveland, Ohio, with my husband and our four cats. The only thing I love more than them is the city I call home.


A geek at heart, my favorite color is TARDIS blue and if given a choice I’d like to grow up to be a combination of River Song, Joan Holloway, and Lisbeth Salandar. I’m an INTJ Slytherin Scorpio and my three favorite words are all day breakfast.

I can often be far too snarky for my own good but like to believe I make up for it with my charming, witty personality (and, of course, my modesty).

Like my blog’s tagline suggests, The Year of the Phoenix is about being my own hero. Born of fire and flame, the mythical phoenix rises from the ashes reborn and renewed. As someone who spent much of her life weighed down, this blog is about my opportunity to transform and fly high; a free spirit. I’m focused on being the happiest me I can be, regardless of the number on the scale.

Updated 5/5/2019