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girl disappearing

I went shopping over the weekend at Old Navy and while in the dressing room trying on clothes I happened to notice how, well, slim my profile seemed. So, naturally, I took a photo and posted it on Facebook: And, naturally, a few friends commented on it:These dear women, who I have known since childhood, are correct: I currently weigh… Continue reading girl disappearing

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there’s always money in the banana stand

For those of you not familiar with actor Tony Hale or Arrested Development, I suggest you go get yourself familiar. Right now. No, really. It's cool. I'll wait. Just pick your poison, as it's available to stream on Hulu+, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. And because Fox cancelled it well before it's time it won't take… Continue reading there’s always money in the banana stand

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how harry potter helped me lose weight

Oh sure, go ahead and laugh. But while you're laughing, please note that in the middle picture below, the one where I'm dressed for a midnight screening of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2, I'm wearing Slytherin colors. So you might want to rethink the whole mocking me thing. Just sayin'.But siriusly. Recently I… Continue reading how harry potter helped me lose weight